We encourage all users to practice in the NEICE UAT environment. Attached to this Job Aid are a set of practice documents you can use to create and send cases to other states practicing in NEICE UAT. 

You can download these documents and save them to your hard drive or work drive.  Then, go to the NEICE test system for your state, and practice creating and sending a case using your case wizard. You can then use some of these documents to upload to the case as these are "example" documents

Here is a list of the kinds of documents you may need, which you can download below:

1. 100A -Initial for Practice Cases

2. Initial Home Study Request Packet

3. 100A-Completed
4. 100B-Initial Placement
5. 100B-Placement Change
6. 100B-Closure
7. Preliminary Home Evaluation
8. Completed Home Study
9. Additional Documentation
10. Child Records
11. Court Order
12. Social History
13. Case Emails

CMS users will access the UAT here: https://test.neice.us/

MCMS users will access the UAT within their state environment and should ask their State Admin for the url for UAT for your state.

If you're not sure what type of system your state is using, check out this list below: