The Sending State ICPC Coordinator can use the Sending Case Wizard to prepare and send a Home Study Request and 100A-Initial via transmittal to the ICPC Central Office in the Receiving State.  

  1. Best Practice – Scan all documents and save to a known location on your hard drive accessible from within NEICE 

  2. Log into NEICE

  3. Select Sending Case Wizard

  1. NEICE will display the Case Progress Bar and Child Search screen
  2. Enter the Child search criteria & Select Search
  3. If NEICE does not return the matching child, Select Add New Child & Create a Case         a.  Create case around Primary child 
  4. If NEICE returns the matching child, Click in the checkbox & Select Open Child

  5. Add or Modify existing child data

  1. Demographic data
  2. Child Alias data
  3. Parent Information
  4. Child Jurisdiction
  1. Select Save & Continue to Case Details

  2. Notice the two completed sections on the Progress bar and on the child identifier.

  3. Enter case information ensuring all required fields are completed:

    1. Receiving state information

    2. Current Legal Status of child 

  4. Enter Regulation Type and Type of Care

  5. Enter any associated Subsidy

  6. Under PLACEMENT RESOURCE DETAILS, Select Search & Add a Placement Resource 

    1. Enter search criteria & Select Search

    2. If no match is returned, Select Add to create a new Organization or Individual Placement Resource

    3. If the correct match is returned, check the checkbox next to the M/CMS PR ID & Select Add to Case

  7. Enter the Placement Resource Relationship to Child.  If the placement resource is an organization, Select the option, Non-Relative

  8. Select Create Case & Continue to 100A/100B to continue working the case in the Wizard. [ If you need to at this point you can exit the Wizard.  

    You would later go to My Cases to select this case and complete it using Case Management.  To exit, select Create Case & Exit

  9. Complete Section I on 100A

    1. In Section I, enter the Name of Agency or Person Responsible for Planning of Child, either an Individual or Organization

    2. In Section I, enter the Name of Agency or Person Financially Responsible for Child, either an Individual or Organization.  If the Financially Responsible Individual is the same as Planning Responsible Individual or Organization, Select the checkbox Same as Above

    3. If there are multiple children in the case and the Financially Responsible and Planning person or organization is the same, Select the option, Same as – Child Name.

  10. In Section II, Enter agency if other than a residential treatment facility where the child will reside, if necessary

  11. In section III, Enter the type of initial study if this is the first request

    1. In Section III, Select the Supervisory Services Requested and the report frequency

    2. In Section III, Enter the Supervising Agency in Receiving State if known

  12. Scroll to the bottom of the page & View the options:

    1. Save 100A if you want to Save 

    2. Save & Generate 100A to continue in Wizard

    3. Or Save 100A & Upload to upload a scanned 100A received as a signed document and then Continue in the Wizard

  13. NEICE will display the 100A with your Name, Signature, and current date. Close the 100A

  14. Notice that four areas have been completed in the Progress Bar

  15. NEICE will display the Documents screen.  

  16. If there are no more children in the case, Select Upload & Add the necessary documents for the primary child  

  17. Select Upload New Document and add documents related to the Primary Child

  18. If there is another child included in this case, Select Add Another Child to Case:

    1. Add the additional child(ren)

    2. Create the additional child’s 100A using “Same As” for Responsible Persons or Organizations, and 

    3. Add documents for the additional child.

  19. If the case is completed, all children and all documents added, Select Send Transmittal

  20. When NEICE displays the transmittal input form, Enter the required data

    1. Enter Comments necessary for the Sending state ICPC to process this request

    2. Enclose the documents needed.

  21. Select Receiving State ICPC Agency including Agency and specific ICPC Coordinator (All is an option) . 

  22. If you are satisfied that all necessary documents are included and appropriate comments are entered, select Send

  23. NEICE will:

    1. Review the transmittal for completeness 

    2. Send the transmittal to the recipients in Case Status - Pending

    3. Send an email and Notification indicating that a transmittal has arrived.            

  24. NEICE will end the Wizard and display the My Cases screen