Objective:  Generating 100B Closure to close a case when the Sending Sate Withdraws a Home Study Request (100A). 

This process should work for any case closure. We are using an example of the Withdrawing a case.

Overview: This job aid describes the process for closing a case when the sending state withdraws the request. Note the following: 

  • Caseworkers will start the case closure by Withdrawing the request and sending a 100B - Closure to the ICPC Coordinator. 
  • Only an ICPC coordinator can withdraw a request and close the case.
  • Cases cannot be closed if the home study status of one or more children is pending. The case needs to be ACTIVE to be processed.
  • Case needs to be closed by both states.
  • Sending state should notify the receiving state via 100B of withdrawal. If all requests in the case are withdrawn, the sending state can close the case.
  • Receiving state should change the Home Study Status to Withdrawn and close the case.


Steps to withdraw a case 

  1. Navigate to the Children in Case tab (top menu)
  2. Click the Home Study Decision button to open screen.
  3. Select the Decision Withdrawn
  4. Select Save
    1. When the response from NEICE asks you to send a 100B to receiving state, click on Yes.
  5. Select Placement Decision (100B) button
  6. Select Termination Reason - Withdrawn
  7. Enter Date
  8. Select Save and Generate PDF
  9. Go to the Communications tab and Select Create a Transmittal
  10. Select the Transmittal Purpose "Sending 100B Closure".
  11. Enter Comments ensuring that the receiving state closes their case (if not already closed).
  12. Attach 100B-Closure
  13. Select Send
  14. Update Case Status to Closed and Save.

Caseworkers should send a message to ICPC Coordinator in central State office to alert them that you are requesting to withdraw and close the case.

ICPC Coordinators Will send transmittal with 100B-Closure to receiving State and SS ICPC Coordinator will close case. The Receiving State ICPC Coordinator will need to close it on the RS case side as well.