Purpose:  Generating 100B Closure to close a case when the Sending Sate Withdraws a Home Study Request (100A).

This process should work for any case closure. We are using an example of the Withdrawing a case.

Overview: This job aid describes the process for closing a case when the sending state withdraws the request. Note the following: 

  • Caseworkers will start the case closure by Withdrawing the request and sending a 100B - Closure to the ICPC Coordinator.
  • Only an ICPC coordinator can withdraw a request and close the case.
  • Cases cannot be closed if the home study status of one or more children is pending. The case needs to be ACTIVE to be processed.
  • Case needs to be closed by both states.
  • Sending state should notify the receiving state via 100B of withdrawal. If all requests in the case are withdrawn, the sending state can close the case.
  • Receiving state should change the Home Study Status to Withdrawn and close the case.


Steps to withdraw a case 

  1. Navigate to the Children in Case tab (top menu)
  2. Click the Home Study Decision button to open screen.
  3. Select the Decision Withdrawn
  4. Select Save
    • When the response from NEICE asks you to send a 100B to receiving state, click on Yes.
  5. Select Placement Decision (100B) button
  6. Select Termination Reason - Withdrawn
  7. Enter Date
  8. Select Save and Generate PDF
  9. Go to the Communications tab and Select Create a Transmittal
  10. Select the Transmittal Purpose "Sending 100B Closure".
  11. Enter Comments ensuring that the receiving state closes their case (if not already closed).
  12. Attach 100B-Closure
  13. Select Send
  14. Update Case Status to Closed and Save.

Caseworkers should send a message to ICPC Coordinator in central State office to alert them that you are requesting to withdraw and close the case.

ICPC Coordinators Will send transmittal with 100B-Closure to receiving State and SS ICPC Coordinator will close case. The Receiving State ICPC Coordinator will need to close it on the RS case side as well.