Purpose: This job aid will guide the ICPC Coordinator in how to make an Initial Placement based on an Approved Home Study. The receiving state must first approve the Home Study before a placement can be made.


  1. In the sending state, review the Notification and mark as read
  2. Inside the case, go to the Children in Case tab
  3. Select Placement Decision button
  4. Select Initial Placement and add Placement Date 
    • Gold ball appears with Initial Placement in Placement Decision History
  5. Select Save 100B & Generate PDF
  6. View and then close document
  7. Go to Communications tab
  8. Select Send Transmittal
  9. Enter Sending Purpose Placement Decision
  10. On Transmittal input form field Transmittal Purpose select – Sending 100B Initial Placement from the dropdown list
  11. Enter Comments
  12. Enclose the 100B – Initial Placement
  13. Select Send (Preview and Send is also possible)
  14. Go to Children in Case – Placement Decision (100B) and select Placement Decision History and view the ball has turned green and 100B Sent on Date appears in the ball