There are many reasons why a placement is terminated with both states participating:


  • Adoption Finalized
  • Child Reached Majority or became Legally Emancipated
  • Legal Custody Returned to Parent
  • Legal Custody Given to Relative
  • Treatment Completed
  • Sending State’s Jurisdiction Terminated
  • Child Returned to Sending State
  • Child Has Moved to Another State
  • Approved Resource will not be used

ICPC Coordinator Initial Placement using 100B


Purpose: This  job aid will guide the ICPC Coordinator to Terminate a Placement.


  1. In the sending state, go to the Children in Case tab
  2. Select Placement Decision button
  3. Select Update Placement Decision section
  4. Select Placement Decision – Placement Closure
  5. Select Placement Termination Reasons
  6. Select Date of Termination
  7. Select Save 100B & Generate PDF
  8. View and then close document
  9. Go to Communications tab
  10. Select Send Transmittal
  11. Enter Sending Purpose Placement Decision
  12. On Transmittal input form field Transmittal Purpose select – Sending 100B Closure from the dropdown list
  13. Enter Comments
  14. Enclose the 100B – Closure
  15. Select Send (Preview and Send is also possible)
  16. Close the case and select the Case Closure Reason