The Assignment Coordinator sub-role is an optional tool states can use to manage case load.

In NEICE 2.0, workers need to be assigned to a case in order to work it. Users will not be given default access to all cases in order to enhance the security of the overall system. State Administrators determine how cases will be assigned for your state. In some cases, incoming cases may be automatically assigned by state name or first initial of last name of the primary child on a case. An additional or alternative way to manage case assignment is to use the assignment coordinator sub-role which can be added to the ICPC Coordinator or Caseworker roles. 

This training demonstrates how ICPC Coordinators can assign cases to specific users and agencies and teaches Caseworkers how to assign cases to specific users. This will only be relevant for an ICPC Coordinator or Caseworker when the Assignment Coordinator role has been added to a user's Profile in NEICE. The State administrator adds this sub-role to a user's profile.

NEICE provided a state webinar training on the Assignment Coordinator sub-role on September 1, 2021. You can view the recording here:

NEICE Assignment Coordinator training was held May 25, 2022.  You can view the recording from this session here (Length 00:29:01)