Attached to this page are the following technical resources:

  • NEICE Clearinghouse 2.0 - Interface Mapping Document v1.4
  • NEICE Clearinghouse 2.0 - Interface Mapping Document_ChangeLog_v1.4
  • NEICE 2.0 IEPD using NIEM 4.0 standards V3.4 (rename file as .zip document and it will work)
  • NEICE 2.0 Clearinghouse Interface Specification_V1.2
  • NEICEClearingHouse.wsdl
  • Information about utilizing NIEM to implement your state's connection to NEICE
  • NEICE2_MCMS_Report_Requirements_V1.0.pdf
  • NEICE_DataMigrationStepsfromMCMStoNEICEClearinghouse_V1.0.pdf (States who are migrating from M/CMS to NEICE Clearinghouse)