Purpose: The purpose of this job aid is to provide the steps needed by each role to add a View Only User to a case.


Process: The State Administrator or ICPC Coordinator must create the View Only Agency. The State Administrator must create the View Only User BEFORE the user can be given access to a specific case.



Create a View Only Agency (Administrator or Coordinator Roles)


A State Admin or ICPC Coordinator can create a View Only Agency in their state.


  1. Search for an existing agency by:
    1. Agency Name,
    2. City, and or,
    3. State
  2. If the Agency is returned in the search results, select the checkbox next to the Agency # and select either Edit or Delete from the Action box.
  3. If the Agency is not returned in the search results, select the + Add button



Create a View Only User (Administrator Role)


Once you have created the View Only agency, you can add View Only users as the State Admin.

The process to create a View Only User is the same as Manage User.  



How to Add a View Only User to a Case (Assignment Coordinator)

The Assignment Coordinator may give View-Only Users access to additional cases individually as needed.

  1. Select Case
  2. Select the Access tab
  3. Select the + Add button
  4. Select Role View Only
  5. Select Agency
  6. Select User
  7. Select Save


Above is current Job Aid on 2.0