Purpose: The purpose of this job aid is to guide the NEICE State Admin user on the process for how cases will be unassigned when an existing NEICE user is deleted. To avoid cases being unassigned through this process, cases can be reassigned to active users before the current user assigned to the case is deleted.


Process: The NEICE State Administrator deletes the NEICE user by following these steps:


  1. Search for the user
  2. Select user.
  3. Go to the Actions box and select Delete. 
  4. The system displays a confirmation prompt message with the total number of cases assigned to the user that will be unassigned if Yes is selected to        confirm the deletion. 


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    1. If Yes is clicked, All the cases assigned to the user (the pending, active, receiving, and closed cases) get automatically unassigned.
    2. NEICE will display the message “Record deleted successfully.”
    3. If No is clicked, the NEICE State Admin is navigated back to the Users screen and the user will not be deleted. 


NOTE: The notifications on Unassigned cases will be routed the same way as the notifications received on new cases. The system checks if the state is set up by Child Last name or User State and routes the notifications to the respective users. The unassigned cases can be seen on the Dashboard ->Case Summary -> Unassigned Cases: