Summary: This job aid will guide the ICPC Coordinator in the receiving state to send a Preliminary Home Study evaluation as an Additional Information transmittal to the sending state.


Process Summary:  When the Receiving state sends the Preliminary Home Evaluation, a 100A – Completed is not sent in the transmittal. Instead, the Receiving state sends an Additional Information document type with the Preliminary Home Evaluation document enclosed. 


The Preliminary Home Study may also be initiated by a Caseworker and sent to the ICPC Central Office for the ICPC Coordinator to send with the transmittal to the Sending state.  (See Caseworker job aid here - Preliminary Home Evaluation Report (Caseworker role))


The Preliminary HS Decision Report Date gets auto populated once you send the Preliminary Report to the other state in a transmittal. Please follow the below steps to do so.

  1. Go to Documents tab and click on "Upload New Document".
  2. Select the appropriate child from the Child Name drop-down.
  3. Select the "Document Type" as "Preliminary Home Evaluation". 
  4. Click on "Browse File" and choose the Preliminary Home Evaluation Report from your computer and select "Save & Upload".
  5. If the “Preliminary Home Evaluation” document has already been uploaded and notified via message by the Case Worker, the ICPC Coordinator needs to change the status of the “Preliminary Home Evaluation” document from “Uploaded” to “Attached”. To do this, select the check-box next to the “Preliminary Home Evaluation” document under “Documents” screen and select “Attached” from the “Actions” dropdown. The document status will now be changed to “Attached”.
  6. Once the document is in “Attached” status, from the Documents/ Communications page, click on "Send Transmittal" and choose the Type as "Additional Information".
  7. On the transmittal memo, choose the "Purpose of Transmittal" as "Sending Preliminary Home Evaluation".
  8. Add Comments.
  9. At the bottom of the memo in the Enclosed sections, select the check-box for Preliminary Home Evaluation to attach the document to the transmittal.
  10. Send the transmittal.
  11. Once this transmittal is sent, the date under Children in Case will be auto populated on the date field, “Preliminary HS Decision Report Sent On” under 100A/100B, Court & Other Dates tab (as shown in screenshot below).
  12. Preliminary HS Decision Report Received From CW on” is auto populated with the date the message was sent from local Case Worker to the central office.





  1. The Preliminary HS Report Date field is what NEICE uses to calculate the Safe and Timely Interstate Placement of Foster Children Act of 2006, 60-day timeline
  2. A placement may not be made based on a Preliminary Home Evaluation.
  3. Communication within a state between the ICPC Caseworker and ICPC Coordinator are called MESSAGES in NEICE. Communication between the sending and receiving state ICPC Coordinators are called TRANSMITTALS in NEICE.