*All screen shots are from the NEICE Test site and do not include any real child or family information. 

Purpose: This job aid provides guidance from NEICE users for using the Dashboard. A special thanks to Carrie Pedersen for developing this job aid. 


Practice Application: Helps to manage cases- ICPC coordinators can review case status quickly from the dashboard. At quick glance in the OVERVIEW box the user can see how your state is doing with overdue home studies. Use the “Show my Cases” to toggle link and look at your own cases.


Using the OVERVIEW Section of the dashboard

  • Quick reference to cases due. When the user filters to “My cases” they can follow up with the local case worker on the cases showing due and obtain a Safe and Timely Report if the home study is not complete.
  • Quick reference to overdue cases-incoming and outgoing (click on the overdue cases to get the list)
  • Provides lists to follow up with local caseworkers to get cases status. The lists can be exported to and excel spreadsheet to use to follow up. 
  • For outgoing cases the ICPC Central Office Coordinator can follow up with the other state for a status update.

Using the Bar Graphs for Incoming/Outgoing Home Study

  • Assists in case management, for example, why are there so many Reg 12’s in “Approved” but not placed? Coordinator can reach out to obtain 100Bs.
  • The Bar Graphs can be filtered by clicking on the “Filter” icon (top right side of the screen under your name): 
  • Which then displays all Reg Types to check the boxes and select the reg you want displayed, or you can click on the Reg Types in the Bar Charts below to toggle the display for each of the Regs:

  • To generate a list of the cases from the bar graph, simply click on one of the bars and the list is generated, which can then be sorted, filtered or exported.

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Another example to find “Approved” (not placed), pull by reg type then filter to show oldest first by clicking on the top arrow in the M/CMS CASE ID CREATED ON column. The new list is now in order with the oldest date first in the list.  If you wanted newest you would click on the down arrow.                       

*Reg 12’s that may need closure-filter to oldest first -checking cases over 6 months (See helpful steps below)


Helpful steps:

  1. From the Dashboard, click on Active Cases number. 
  2. Filter by Reg type (Ex. Working on Reg 12 clean ups- Choose Reg 12’s then list by oldest first-export Ex. Go to Pending-Choose Reg 7’s to see list of pending Reg 7’s)
  3. Export Case List to Excel. Once in Excel you can filter and sort all the different columns.


Or the user can click on the bar graph by Reg type to produce Case Lists by worker. Then use EXPORT to MS Excel.

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NOTE: This section is viewable by ICPC Coordinator or Assignment Coordinator roles. The Caseworker role will not have this view.