NEICE eLearning courses are available on the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) Training Hub for Resources, Innovation, and Virtual Exchange) THRIVE Learning Management System (LMS). 

The NEICE ICPC Coordinator eLearning track includes three required courses before using NEICE:

  1. NEICE Overview Course (About 20 min)
  2. NEICE Security Couse (About 10 min)
  3. NEICE ICPC Coordinator Course (About an hour)

Steps to access NEICE eLearning Courses:

1. To access THRIVE, please visit: and login in for the first time

Once you are logged into THRIVE, you will have access to all the courses and resources available to members, such as leadership, coaching, professional development, and Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. Please take advantage of these additional resources available. 

2. To access the NEICE eLearning courses, click on the "Catalog" tab on the navigation bar on the left side of the screen:

3. Once on the Course Catalog page, click on the NEICE section:

4. Courses are provided in Tracks for each NEICE user role (ICPC Coordinator, Caseworker, Assignment Coordinator Sub-Role, State Administrator and View Only). Select your user role to take all the required eLearning courses within the track you select. Once in the NEICE Courses, select the NEICE ICPC Coordinator track:

5. Navigation:

6. A certificate will be provided in THRIVE once you complete the NEICE ICPC Coordinator Learning Courses AND the NEICE eLearning Course Completion Survey. 

7. Please refer to NEICE Training: Three Steps to Take Before Using the NEICE System for all recommended training resources.