NEICE eLearning is moving to APHSA's Learning Management System (LMS) platform: Training Hub for Resources, Innovation and Virtual Exchange (THRIVE). THRIVE provides logged in members with a NEICE Learning Community.

Purpose: The NEICE Learning Community offers space for NEICE users to connect with each other and share tips and lessons learned. This Learning Community provides an additional discussion forum to continue your learning experience alongside your peers beyond the classroom. Once you are logged into THRIVE, you will have access to all the courses and resources available to members. Please take advantage of these additional resources available.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: The NEICE support desk ( will continue to be the place to ask for help with technical system issues and receive support from the NEICE Support Team. 

Steps to access THRIVE NEICE Learning Community:

1. Follow the instructions in the "How to Access NEICE eLearning Courses in THRIVE" to create your THRIVE account. Click this link:

2. To access the NEICE Learning Community, click on the "Groups" tab on the navigation bar on the left side of the screen:

NOTE: If you have already been added to the NEICE Learning community, you will see the link when you click on "Groups".  Select "National Electronic Interstate Compact Enterprise (NEICE)" as shown in the highlighted area above. 

If you have not yet been added please click on the Group Catalog to see all the groups available in THRIVE:

Then click on the Group for the National Electronic Interstate Compact Enterprise:

This will take you to an About page. At the far right of the page you will see a "Join" button. 

Click this button to alert us you need the access code to join. We will either email you the access code or add you to the group and you will receive an invitation by your email. 

3. Once in the NEICE Learning Community you can join discussion forums to share your tips/advice or ask other NEICE users a question. You can also chat with your NEICE peers using the chat feature. 

The NEICE support desk ( will continue to be the place to ask for help with technical system issues. If you need help from the NEICE project Team please submit a help desk ticket.